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All Fiber Doppler Velocity Interferometer Systems
a new kind of VISAR

Series G PDM
Series G Unamplified
Single Photodetectors
for light levels
of 0.1 mW and higher

Series F PDM
Series F Amplified Single Photodetectors
for light levels down to nanowatts

Series F Differential PDM
Series J Amplified
 Differential Photodetectors

like Series F single detectors,
but only the difference is amplified

Power Supply

for DC coupled PDMs
and all Differentials

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Martin, Froeschner & Associates

Power Supplies for Photodetector Modules

Standard Power Supply for Series F and Series J Photodetector Modules

These Power Supplies provide noise free power to the photodiode(s) and amplifier(s) from batteries which are about the most noise-free source there is. We use latest technology NiMH batteries which are re-charged by an internal charging unit when the photodetector module is not in use. When the photodetector module is in active use, the system is completely disconnected from the charging circuit and the potentially noisy external AC source.

Power is provided to the module through a shielded cable with a connector that mates the module to the power supply. The unit provides all the sources required for any M, F & A Photodetector module including AC coupled, DC coupled with Offset Null, single and differential modules. 

Power Considerations

The Series G unamplified modules have very low current drain and the small internal batteries should last for a year or so of normal use.  No power supply is required for these modules.

In the amplified Series F and Series J modules the power drain is substantial and internal replaceable battery life would be very short. For these amplified modules an external power supply is required. Although any high quality, controllable laboratory style power supply can be used, we recommend our own, especially for DC coupled modules, multi-stage high gain modules and differential models. Bear in mind that any power supply is a potential source of noise and interference.

The amplifiers require 12 volts. The current draw is 40 mA for each Mod 1 or Mod 2 stage and 12 mA for each Mod 4 stage. Thus a Mod 1A requires 40 mA, a Mod 1D requires 80 mA as there is an additional reference amplifier, a Mod 42A needs 52 mA and so on.  The current drain through the photodiode(s) is generally small enough to ignore.

The battery capacity in our Power Supplies is 2500 mAhr, so operation for a full day without re-charging is perfectly feasible. 

There are some situations which require continuous operation for many days or perhaps indefinitely.  For these situations we have a Dual Battery version which charges one battery pack while running on the other.  The front panel has a three-position A/Off/B selector switch.

Dual Battery Power Supply

By switching from one battery pack to the other a system can be kept operational indefinitely.

Hardware to Rack Mount two, four or more of the Standard or Dual Battery power supply units is also available.

Standard Power Supply,  for any Series F or Series J Photodetector Module:

Dual Battery Power Supply, for any Series F or Series J Photodetector Module

Rack Mount Hardware, for two or more of the above: (price: please inquire)

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Martin, Froeschner & Associates
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tel: +1 925 989 4930
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Martin, Froeschner & Associates
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Livermore, California

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