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All Fiber Doppler Velocity Interferometer Systems
a new kind of VISAR

Series G PDM
Series G Unamplified
Single Photodetectors
for light levels
of 0.1 mW and higher

Series F PDM
Series F Amplified Single Photodetectors
for light levels down to nanowatts

Series F Differential PDM
Series J Amplified
 Differential Photodetectors

like Series F single detectors,
but only the difference is amplified

Power Supply

for DC coupled PDMs
and all Differentials

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Sample Data from a Martin, Froeschner and Associates
FDVI All Fiber Delay Leg Interferometer System

X Y Plot

XY Plot

Velocity Plot

XY PlotVelocity Plot

Integration of the Velocity Plot

Integration of the Velocity Plot


This data is from a low pressure gas gun experiment using an older Martin, Froeschner & Associates FDVI Mark III System with a 10 meter delay leg. Although the Quadrature could have been tuned a bit better, it shows the capabilities of the M,F&A FDVI system well (The traces in the X.Y Plot ought to be circular rather than elliptical and this is easily accomplished by adjusting the "Quadrature" knob of the FDVI system. However, this was a preliminary test prior to the high pressure run and the experimenters were not concerned with niceties.) The double pulse in the velocity trace is as expected and is due to the physical arrangement of the accelerated gas chambers and valves. The projectile was stopped at the barrel end with an impact absorbing mechanism. The integration of the velocity vs. time record yields the total distance traveled and is exactly (within measurement error) the length of the barrel.


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  Updated: June 2011

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tel: +1 925 989 4930
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Martin, Froeschner & Associates
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Livermore, California

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